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A small and cozy casino, this great hotel also has a nice rooftop bar that has a great view of the peninsula side, live music and not too expensive wine and spirits. The Infinity Pool is also a good place for cool swim, especially around the sunset hours. Seems like everything here has a nice view of Macau.




This is the home of some great poker rooms, and also hosted the Asia Poker Tour events in the past. The classic style building offers a very quiet casino experience, but the best part is taking a night-time walk around the Fisherman’s’ Wharf next door. Great classic coliseum-style mini-theater, and also a great time at Afrikana can be had for all.




The best selection of normal-class western and asian foods. Helpful for homesick Japanese, with options like Ufufu Cafe and Chisasa. Tim Ho Wan is an orthodox intro to HK style cuisine, and the Roadhouse is a great place for after hour beers. Frequent exhibitions and fun food stalls.


Casa Real


A small casino offers the usual staples of slots and a few tables, so you don’t need to go out to the big resorts if you want to play a bit late night or in the morning. The proximity to the Macau Ferry Terminal is a plus. The rooms are also reasonable, there is a surprisingly nice indoor pool, and this property seems to be one of the easiest on the Macau side (after Starworld) to grab a taxi.


City of Dreams


Not enough can be said about the Waterdance show, a must see for all visitors of Macau. COD also offers a good balance of food options and has a classic laid back casino experience suitable for beginner players. Club Cubic is the place where many a night time club memories are made, and often has world famous artists stopping by performances.




Inside the ever popular Holiday Inn Macau hotel, another good getaway for hotel guests that don’t want to make a trip out to the bigger resorts. If you’re looking for stable and fast wifi for still reasonable rates, this would be the place to go.
Emperor Palace


The casino focuses mainly on slots and electronic tables, and many locals like to play the lower volatility games here. Rooms are reasonable, and is walking distance from Daiso and New Yaohan department store for those Japanese feeling homesick. Lots of nearby food options, such as Sky 21, with its world-famous and beautiful panoramic view of Macau.




One of the rare small-scale casinos that offer blackjack, this property is probably most famous for the Abalone Ah Yat Restaurant. The restaurant serves abalone, bird nest, shark fin, and all the best of Chinese delicacies.




A real integrated resort, with movie theaters, mid to high class restaurants, cafes, and retail shops. An amazing diamond show every 20 minutes. The casino is spacious and offers many table and slot options. Great place to have a Portuguese dinner at Gosto, catch a movie, then have drink at the China Rouge bar and club. Also walking distance from Old Taipa, where you can find more food, culture, and gifts. Also has the most visitor-friendly food courts in Macau, with various Western and Asian options. There are too many great high-end restaurants to name.


Grand Lisboa


This iconic building offers a always lively casino suitable for all players. There are 3-star options like The 8 (Chinese) and Robuchon au Dôme (French), and more homely options at the Round-the-clock noodle shop and cafe. Margaret’s Café e Nata, the famous egg tart shop is also nearby.


Grand Lisboa Palace Scheduled to open in early 2019, it will be located next to MGM Cotai and Wynn Palace.
Grand Waldo


The casino caters mostly to table game players, and there is a cool and quiet vibe to the floor. The outdoor swimming pool offers a great view and is a must visit on sunny days.The Shark’s Fin Restaurant is the place to go for trying shark fin and abalone cuisine.




Located away from the Cotai strip, this homely hotel has a surprisingly up to date casino floor, which the hotel boasts as quiet and relaxing. Also located nearby are the Taipa Square casino and the Old Taipa area, there are various supermarkets and tons of good local food options nearby. On a cool night, a walk on over to Galaxy is quite nice as well.


Hotel Lisboa


The original Macau casino, where the old-school vibe of Macau table games can still be felt. The fine dining is amazing here, as Guincho A Galera offers an authentic Portuguese cuisine. New Furusato tastes just like back home in Japan and maybe even a bit better. Make sure to have reservations as the famous restaurants here fill up fast. The rooms on weekdays are one of the best deals in Macau.


Jai Alai


Reopened in 2017 after renovation, the casino floor is not large, but homely and connected to Oceanus. The ideal location for visitors using the Macau Outer Ferry Terminal, as the terminal is a 5-minute walk.


Kam Pek


Lots and lots of semi-automatic multi-terminal table games, or in other words, LT products. Unique design where the minimum bet seems to go up by floor, the top floor offers players a First-class seating experience. This is the place if you are into electronic table games. The Kam Pek bar is one of the most famous local bars, and you never know who you may run into on any given night.


Lan Kwai Fan


A hotel with a small casino, this new property sits in a quiet area of Macau. There is a traditional style sushi bar, which offers some of the best sushi at a reasonable cost.


Legend Palace


This newer property offers a nice walk over to Fisherman’s Wharf and the restaurants offered there. Although the sidewalk is slim, it is also walking distance from the Macau Outer Ferry Terminal. The Brasserie de Paris has a buffet with good food variance.


L’arc Macau


Conveniently located in front of MGM and Wynn Macau, this more laid-back casino also offers some of the best Chinese dining. However, this property is most famous for its nightclub, Club 9, which any visitor needs to experience themselves if they want to know about it.


Macau Jockey Club


Now closed, this was once a place where visitors could bet on horse-racing and play tables and slots, similar to racinos in the US. Customer aging and relocation to a newer site are probably the reasons for the move out. (see Roosevelt)
MGM Cotai


Home to a spacious casino and moody restaurants in a huge art-laden hall area. The visually attractive sweets by Janice Wong make for a great gifts. Aji, the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, offers a very unique yet familiar taste. The MGM Theater offers two shows that really only show part of all the technology that went into the design, and it will be interesting to see how the theater hosts other types of shows in the future.


MGM Macau


The casino is lively and conveniently separates the table games from slot games. The Square Eight restaurants offer a choice of North of South Chinese cuisine, the Pastry Bar is famous for high-end cakes, and pizza at Rossio is amazing! The aquarium area is cool and calm, and the cafes and bars there are good for relaxing and enjoying beverages. If in town for Oktoberfest, the MGM Oktoberfest is one of the can’t-miss events in Macau.


Mocha Golden Dragon


All about the slots. A more quiet and low key atmosphere allows for total focus on the slot games. The game mix is also suitable for players who want to sit and play for an extended time. Close enough to walk from the Macau Ferry Terminal, and taxis can be easily picked up at the nearby Casa Real.


Mocha Macau Tower


While the casino itself is small with only gaming machines, it is located in one of the premier tourist attractions. Why not also try bungee or skywalking, then catch a movie and light dinner.




A 3-minute walk from the Macau Outer ferry terminal, this bustling property is where you can find many new slot offerings and exciting tables. Excellent place to stop by right after arrival or just before leaving by Ferry. Visitors can also walk over to the bus terminals near the ferry for free shuttle services all over Macau.




The newest picturesque Sands’ resort in Macau has a beautiful and spacious casino suitable for players that are comfortable with a more Western theme floor. The shopping area, food court, and mini Eiffel Tower are great for tourists. There are various shows such as a unique Cabaret in the Parisian Theatre. Located between Studio City and Venetian, the latter of which it is connected by indoor walkway, this is a must stop for visitors walking the Cotai strip.


Ponte 16


The traditional style hotel and casino boasts a bustling table game experience, with traditional Chinese games like Fan Tan and Pai Kao. There are plenty of local food options nearby in a area many Macau locals frequent for dinner or late night snacks. While the first floor was severely damaged by Typhoon Hato, the property has come back with it’s usual offerings that keep people coming back.




Mostly a table game joint for regular customers, anyone wanting to experience a more traditional Chinese-style tale game experience may want to take a look. The restaurant and casino also offer convenient location in the Macau side, as most of the bigger resorts are all nearby and walking distance.


This old-school property offers laid-back gaming, but is probably most famous for it’s gentleman-only sauna. The room rates are still very reasonable and the property has many repeat customers. It is also a mainstay for company incentive trips, and has a great indoor pool with a nice view on sunny days.




Newly-opened and with lavish pool and gym facilities, the property also has a basic yet satisfying casino floor. The quality of the interior belies the quiet area that the hotel is located, and the rooms are also quite nice for a reasonable price.


Royal Dragon


This hotel casino contains some tables for its guests, however it should be noted for the spacious hotel rooms. Nearby a lot of local restaurants and nightlife, this is a good place to stay for reasonable and spacious rooms.


Sands Cotai Central


With two casino areas, this is a good place to play if you’re staying at any of the very reasonable hotels. The go-to place to stay for people visiting Macau for conventions at Venetian. Connected to Venetian by walkway, this property is also walking distance from Parisian, MGM Cotai and City of Dreams. Lots of great places to eat, including all-you-can-eat personal hot pot at Xin, and the stylish Italian Lunch buffet at Bene. The picturesque fountain area is a staple for any instagram users, and the St.Regis Bar offers a cool and high-end drink experience.


Sands Macau


The original Sands property, the lively casino area is vast and offers great table and slot options. There are many great food options here as well, such as the 888 Buffet, which offers great Chinese and Western dishes that change for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Copa Steakhouse has some of the best steaks in Macau, but the seafood dishes should also be tried. Direct shuttle services to Parisian, Venetian, and Sands Cotai Central is also very useful for visitors that don’t want to take taxi of local bus.




Part of the Galaxy family, Starworld shares the spectacular taste for delicious cuisine. The Temptations restaurant has a great mix of western and Chinese cuisine to satisfy any type of foody. The casino offers plenty of tables and machine options, with even the low bet areas still having a high-class feel. The spacious ground floor has a rather cool replica of the soon to be completed Grand Lisboa Palace, and is a nice place to cool down. This is one of the best places for catching a taxi as well.


Studio City


Entertainment like the Batman ride would perfectly fit into any theme park. The unique ferris-wheel “8”, is a good stop for those with partners or kids to satisfy. Lots of show and dinner set options that are good for the non-gamers. Club Pacha offers the Instagram-worthy pool party experience and is frequented by famous artists and DJs from all over the globe.


Taipa Casino


This casino is in the Regency Art Hotel and opened recently reopened in 2016. There are both tables and machines, and good mix of both. The Portuguese style building offers a scenic outdoor pool. Grab an outdoor seat at the A Pousada Café and enjoy some relaxing times away from the busy tourist areas.




The casino area is very large and offers exciting tables games along with a wide assortment of slot and electronic table games. If you love to play in tables in a lively atmosphere with passersby watching, this is the place for you. The Venezia-style shopping area ranges from high-end to normal class like Uniqlo, and there are many stall shops that change by the season. Strong food choices like the Italian at Portofino with it’s delicious lasagna and spicy Chinese cuisine at North. This property also has the famous convention center, where G2E Asia is held, and a huge arena where big acts like Mariah Carey come to perform. Definitely a must-see resort for any Macau visitor.


Wynn Macau


The original Wynn is known for it’s high-end restaurants and lavish casino. The casino tables are spread well apart and allow players to concentrate on their games. Great restaurants like Ristorante Il Teatro and Mizumi are considered the standard for classy cuisine in Macau, but there is still normal-people food like the dan dan noodles at Red 8. The Wynn brand always leaves landmarks, and for this property they include the Tree of Prosperity, the custom-ordered Moon Jellyfish aquarium, and the outdoor fountain show.


Wynn Palace


The newer of the two Wynn properties, this one in Cotai is very picturesque with its outdoor fountain, ropeway, outdoor pool cafes, and floral art pieces on the ground floor corners. The casino floor offers newer slot titles, including a custom-made Wynn slot machine, and the tables are also spacious and allow for players to focus on their game. The Pool Side cafe is a great place for an outdoor seating meal or tea, and the SW Steakhouse makes it’s Macau debut here as well.


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