All The News (2023) 

August 30th, 2023: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Named Judge at 2023 IAG Academy IR Awards [LINK]


July 19th, 2023: BCV Brings Together Macau Young Employees Association and Japan Prefectural Government Officials [LINK]


June 1st, 2023: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Speaks at 19th CITIC CLSA Japan Forum [LINK]


March 7th, 2023: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo to speak at ASEAN Gaming Summit 2023 [LINK]


All The News (2022) 


October 6th, 2022: BCV in Casino Life Magazine October Issue with 3-Page Article [LINK]


October 2nd, 2022: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo to Speak G2E Las Vegas 2022 [LINK]


August 25th, 2022: BCV Produces And Speaks At The 3rd Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar [LINK]


July 26th, 2022: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Presents At ASEAN Gaming Summit [LINK]


July 25th, 2022: BCV Speaks at ASEAN Gaming Summit Masterclass [LINK]


April 13th, 2022: BCV in the Guardian’s Japan IR Article [LINK]


All The News (2021) 


June 4th, 2021: BCV at the Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar [LINK]


April 9th, 2021: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo in IAG Interview (March) and IAG Trade Talk (April) [LINK]


March 9th, 2021: JaIR Interview with BCV Joji Kokuryo [LINK]


February 24th, 2021: BCV Makes Casino Review Front Cover With Japan Analysis [LINK]



All The News (2020) 


December 28th, 2020: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Article in Amusement Japan January Edition [LINK]


November 30th, 2020: Nagasaki International University Welcomes BCV’s Joji Kokuryo as Guest Lecturer [LINK]


September 7th, 2020: Event Report: IAG Game 6 Japan-Where to now? featuring Joji Kokuryo [LINK]


August 19th, 2020: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo to be featured in IAG GAME6 [Japan: where to now?] [LINK]


June 29th, 2020: BCV in Casino Life Magazine [LINK]


June 11th, 2020: Interview with Clarion Gaming for ICE Asia: Joji Kokuryo [LINK]


June 9th, 2020: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Co-Anchors ICE Asia Digital Day-1 [LINK]


May 14th, 2020: BCV In The News Worldwide [LINK]


April 30th, 2020: BCV Reports: Japan IR Timeline Update [LINK]


March 17, 2020: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Named Phil-Asia Gaming Awards Judge [LINK]



All The News (2019) 


December 15th, 2019: G2E Asia@ The Philippines: Conference On Gaming Innovation [LINK]


November 18th, 2019: Macao Gaming Show and Thank You Mr K [LINK]


October 29th, 2019: G2E Las Vegas 2019 [LINK]


June 3rd, 2019: Joji Kokuryo in “European Gaming Industry News” [LINK]


May 26th, 2019: G2E Awards, “Industry Rising Star Award” Winner [LINK]


May 22nd, 2019: G2E Asia 2019 Fintech Forum: Blockchain and Gaming” [LINK]


May 21st, 2019: G2E Asia 2019 Conference: Spotlight On Japan [LINK]


May 17th, 2019: Japan Gaming Congress 2019 [LINK]


May 2nd, 2019: BCV’s Joji Kokuryo Nominated for G2E Asia Award [LINK]


April 10th, 2019: BCV In Amusement Japan [LINK]


March 23rd, 2019: ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019 [LINK]


February 23rd, 2019: Wakayama IR Business Connect Seminar [LINK]



All The News (2018) 

December 31st, 2018: How Blockchain Can Change Gaming [LINK]


November 18th, 2018: Macao Gaming Show 2018 [LINK]


October 13th, 2018: Global Gaming Expo Vegas 2018 [LINK]


May 19th, 2018: Global Gaming Expo Asia 2018 [LINK]


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