Macao Gaming Show 2018

The MGS Entertainment Show was held at the Venetian Expo in Cotai, Macau this year from November 13-15. After spending the first two days going back and forth between Sora Summit and MGS, the third day featured our signature panel regarding gaming innovation and technological advancements. This year, SINA Global Digital Entertainment Summit brought along students interested in the gaming industry, which was a nice addition to the usual faces from the industry. 

I had the honor of organizing and moderating a panel with these great gentlemen, and although we missed out on Robert due to flight scheduling issues, everyone sure did a great job. I liked how Jose and Nelson had their comments picked up on the media the next day [see link here]. Jose making quite the name for himself.

The one thing I took away from this discussion we had was that land-based and online are not specifically rival companies. As John and Nelson iterated, there is some overlap, but most of the customer segments and target markets differ between the two industries. In that sense, the regulation of the two forms of gaming should be developed, marketed, and most importantly regulated separately, but at this point this is already common knowledge in the industry. However, there is also the opportunity to integrate the two worlds, and that is how blockchain could first bring a transcendent movement to gaming, and not in just the finance side but the actual gaming experience. For more on that, check out Alphaslot’s project they have going on in Hong Kong -> [see more info].

It was great to catch up with old and new friends during the event, and also spend a “meeting day” back in Macau with the highlight being a visit to Aruze Macau’s new office.

Although this trip had the low-light of one of my favorite hotpot places in the world closing down, still couldn’t leave Macau without a milkshake at 帝王點心, the symbol of a post-event job well done!

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