G2E Asia 2019 Fintech Forum: Blockchain and Gaming

First of all, it was nice to be a speaker and not a moderator once in a while. Blockchain in gaming has a lot of uses, and while the other panels focused on the accounting, anti-money laundering, and systems, our panel talked about something more fun, the player gaming experience.

Being surrounded by two lawyers was a lot more fun than expected. For this panel, my points were that 1) blockchain regulation is a great opportunity to promote innovation in a strictly legacy-regulated gaming industry, and 2) cross-platform gaming environments are what players want, and 3) we can not ignore the social and digital asset aspects that today’s SNS and social games have brought to the younger generation.

A big big congratulations to the Alphaslot team by the way, as they curated and ran the whole Day-2 Fintech Forum. Great work guys! Learn more about them at alphaslot.io

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