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A very big thank you for all of the media community that picked up on the “BCV Japan Reports: Japan IR Timeline Update”. As a rare gaming-related company based in Japan, it is our responsibility during such a time of crisis to put business aside and provide clear information to the gaming industry on the details of what is happening in the country and in the local cities.

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… and more.

I am definitely very happy to see that the first edition of the BCV Japan Reports was embraced by the gaming media community. It was covered in 4 languages!  While there is always a lot of speculation and commentary, it is most important to always look at the root of an issue. In the case of Japan’s IR implementation timeline, everything has to do with July 31, 2021 deadline for local government and their IR Partner to submit their plans to the Central Government. Hopefully, the report helped clarify the Central Government timeline situation and how it effects local governments (and thus, operators).

We will continue to help play a role in bridging the gap between our home country and the industry that brought us all wonderful opportunities.




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