Event Report: IAG Game 6 Japan-Where to now? featuring Joji Kokuryo

BCV’s Joji Kokuryo was the special guest speaker for Inside Asian Gaming’s “GAME6: Japan -where to now?” event. The session was hosted by IAG’s Vice-Chairman and CEO Andrew Scott, and covered topics such as the future of the Japan IR national timeline, the effects of Covid-19 and details about candidate sites and RFP procedures.

The event has featured the who’s who of Asian gaming with the following past guest speakers:

GAME1: Grant Bowie (MGM China CEO and Executive Director)

GAME2: Eman Pulis (SiGMA Group Founder and CEO)

GAME3: Grant Power (CEO Ho Tram Project)

GAME4: John Shigley (Former COO-Gaming at MGM China)

GAME5: Fredric Winckler (Melco Resorts EVP and Chief Creative and Brand Officer), Michael Cheers (IGT Asia Sales Director)


The platform has the most participants than any other online web event in Asian gaming. To learn more about GAME, see https://iaggame.com/

What is GAME?
GAME is a modern innovative solution to the age-old need for business insights. Gone is the need to fly to a conference, gone is the need to book a hotel, in fact gone is the need to even leave your home! Simply register for a GAME business insights session using your work email address, and click the link we send you to join the session at the predetermined time – be it a keynote speech, a single speaker presentation or a moderated panel. Most sessions will include an AMA giving the audience an opportunity to interact with GAME speakers. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for selected sessions.

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