BCV at the Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar

BCV’s Joji Kokuryo gave a short presentation on the importance of compliance in the land-based gaming industry in Japan at the 1st Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar. The event itself was organized by Bay City Ventures in cooperation with the Kyushu IR Council, Nagasaki Prefecture, and Sasebo City.

Other speakers included Ron Goudsmit, honorary chairman of the European Casino Association, Michael Zhu from the Innovation Group, Takeshi Kaji from the Gaming Standards Association Japan and Kohei Hasegawa of Ohta Publications.

Former Kyushu Economic Federation Chairman Yutaka Aso, Sasebo Chamber of Commerce Chairman Takuya Kaneko, and Sasebo City Mayor Norio Tomonaga all made appearance throughout.

The event aimed to provide local businesses and understanding of what actual economic benefits and business opportunities an IR brings to the Kyushu region.

Event details can be found at this {LINK}.

News on the event:

{ENGLISH} https://www.asgam.jp/index.php/2021/05/24/kirc-announces-the-first-kyushu-ir-business-seminar-to-promote-local-procurement-jp/

{JAPANESE} https://www.47news.jp/6352401.html


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