BCV Produces and Speaks At The 3rd Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar

BCV’s Joji Kokuryo produced content, acquired speakers, presented and hosted a panel session for the 3rd Kyushu IR Council Business Seminar.

The guest speakers were as below:

Opening Speakers

Sumio Kuratomi – Chairman of the Kyushu Economic Federation

Panel Discussion: Local Procurement Demand and Procedures

Joji Kokuryo – Managing Director at Bay City Ventures

Mototsugu Asada – (Currently head of F&B at the Ritz-Carlton Fukuoka)

Kohei Hasegawa – Publication Director and IR Principal at Ohta Publications

Takeki Furukubo – Director and CMO at GMJ

Guest Interviews: International IR Industry Experiences and Examples

Tina Law – Managing Director at AMCOE

Chester Chu – President at Chester Chu & Associates

Albert Yu – CEO at Music Hotpot

Jonathan Strock – General Manager at JS Consulting

Closing Speaker

Kengo Oishi – Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture


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