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CA Lawyers is an independent law office based in Macau, China. It opened in 2018 and brings together the expertise of a local-born engineer turned lawyer and a Portuguese-born lawyer with aim of providing an east meets west approach. CA aims at a prompt response at all times and strives to provide a cost-efficient and solution-oriented service, while upholding high integrity on the work carried out. CA has been recently commended by the Macau Business Awards with the Gold Medal on the category of “New Talent”, which serves as a recognition of the community at large of CA’s effort to generate an added value service.

Gaming Specialized Logistics, LLC was founded in 2017 by President and CEO, Kelcey Allison. In June of 2018, their name changed to (dba) GSL GAMING GROUP. The GSL team is now filled with  professionals in every part of your gaming business, including sales, marketing, operations, corporate strategy and more.  Each professional team member holds many years of formalized education and experience in their respective field.

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