Global Gaming Expo Asia 2018

Way too many meetings and events, which is a good thing. This year’s G2E Asia was spent getting the word out on some of our businesses, and we had a schedule stacked from morning to night. It was my first G2E without a booth, so naturally we made Deco Cafe a make-shift meeting area. 

Attending events like the Asia Gaming Awards and Asia Gaming Genealogy Tree provided some nice dinners, and of course the multiple supplier-sponsored after-parties! 

Too much of what went on I can’t really elaborate on here, but it was definitely interesting to see all the Japanese suppliers and local municipality members who were in attendance as well. Interest is getting higher for sure. 

Online gaming seemed to be taking a bigger piece of the pie again, maybe being about half the total floor-space or so. 

In all, a nice experience, as it was my first time seeing all the other booth areas and attending multiple events.

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