Macao Gaming Show and Thank You Mr K.

Originally not in my schedule, I was able to make a quick trip over to Macau during MGS week.

I decided to stay at Studio City for the first time and was very very impressed with the service. Maybe they did a background check on me or something, because the service was exceptional and the room was great.

The show itself, not much to say of course, but this trip was more about deeper things than just MGS.

Although I have lots of thoughts, one thing that I am reminded of when I come to Macau is that so-called “experts” in Japan rarely know that over 60% of machine gaming revenue and at least 50% of table revenue in Macau comes from special areas not open to the normal visitor. It is this point, that whenever a casino ever opens in Japan, will be vital in how much Premium Mass and VIP revenue can be generated. Whether or not closed rooms will be allowed. How about 3-sided rooms with curtains on the fourth side? It is important to understand the extremely competitive services and facilities provided for these high rollers.

But this trip turned upside-down on me when I learned of the passing of one my gaming industry mentors. He was strict, he was scary, but he was also kind and had a very infectious smile. He also paved the way for me to take my career path abroad, where I learned more than I could ever have if I stayed in Japan. Thank you so much for everything, from the grunts and stares to the laughs and nods. You will be missed, rest in peace sir.

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